The All New YOUTUBE [HTML5] – Review

Youtube finally got the makeover it needed. Its Fast, Sleek and awesome!, One of the best HTML 5 mobile wesbites I have seen. The new interface is totally made for touch screen phones, It comes with big buttons and great graphics and still no lag. (Not sure if it’s optimized for retina display 😉 !)

Youtube mobile site ( gets full support of HTML 5 for all new Mobiles including iPhones, Videos from Youtube working with HTML 5 gets more quality than the one with Flash player!

The new features include :

  1. Full HTML5 Support
  2. More faster than Flash player
  3. A new and improved User interface
  4. All the new Youtube features – ‘Like’ , ‘Unlike’ options.
  5. Easy to use!

Let’s have a quick look at it :

Here is a video by Youtube :

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