iPad 2 : What to expect ?

The iPad is one among the apple’s top selling products; it’s really a unique and revolutionary product. The iPad basically changed our views regarding a tablet. Even though it can never replace a computer, the iPad is capable of doing a lot of things that an average user needs. So far, nothings have proved to be a good competition for the iPad. The iPad 2 is something thats worth the wait, we can expect apple to clear almost all the problem that a 1st generation device will face. Let’s have an insight into a few features that Apple might add to the iPad 2.

  • An awesome new Retina Display. You can be sure that Apple’s Retina Display, or something very close, will make its way to iPad.
  • Factime. Video calling on the iPad
  • Camera. A back camera for taking photos and video and front camera for facetime.
  • New form factor. A new look and feel.
  • More Storage. 64 GB is just not enough, new games and apps consume a lot of space.
  • Faster processor. An A5 processor, may be! 😛
  • Price. The next gen iPad can be expected to be cheaper than the 1st gen.

  • Phone. Seriously that would be really dumb. An iPad can never replace a phone.
  • Smaller Screen. A 7″ iPad. I don’t think apple will make that.
  • USB and SD card slot. Apple is moving increasingly to wireless, so they wont be necessary!

The iPad 2 release date is probably in the Spring, even though the iPad is not meant specifically for anything (gaming, programming), it will still be a great all round. Just like Steve Jobs said, it will be between the phone and a notebook computer. A great portable device for everyone!

What’s your expectations for the new iPad ? Write it in the comments below!

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