iPod Nano Jailbreak ?!

Have a look at this blog, nanohack.me, some guy out there is trying to jailbreak his iPod Nano Touch. I was happy to know that at least there are people trying to do that. Jail-breaking the iPod Nano touch can help a lot in personalizing the device, like custom wallpapers, clocks, alerts and lots more! Even though he was not successful in installing any apps or tweaks, we can consider this as the first attempt ever to jailbreak an iPod Nano.

Just a quick post before I gotto bed, the iPod Nano hasn’t been “jailbroken” as some sites claim, I do not have root access over the device. I did not “install” an app. I figured out how to remove them and insert a blank space into the springboard.

What I have also done is figured out a way for the iPod to boot with modified files (eg the SpingBoard Plist), bypassing the procedure it takes to stop this, I hope this will allow us to figure out a way to jailbreak it. I am primarily focusing on exposing some of the (for now) hidden features of the device.

The hack is simple. It may lead to greater things. I just don’t want people getting their hopes up that’s it’s jailbroken just yet or what I have done to be blown out of proportion.

I’ll write up more tomorrow. Any questions, contact me on twitter: @jwhelton

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