iPhone 4S/5 Will Be Released in June/July

Analysis of Apple’s quarterly guidance reportedly reveals that Apple will release the next iPhone in June/July rather than in September, according to SeekingAlpha’s Andy Zaky.

Arguments for June/July Release:

  • Consensus seems to be that Apple will be releasing a minor “4S” update. Unless Apple is planning something revolutionary there is no need to delay the cycle.
  • Apple is likely trying to throw reporters off due to the whole “prototype” debacle of last year. It’s possible that Apple could hold separate events in June. One for iOS and one for iPhone.
  • Rollout of an evolutionary iPhone 4S after the white iPhone 4 release would make sense. The White iPhone 4 would merely become the lower end version of iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S family of devices.
  • Apple significantly increased its guidance for operating expenses this quarter. Over the past two quarters Apple offered OpEx guidance of $2.325 billion for fiscal Q1 and $2.350 billion for fiscal Q2. For Q3 Apple has significantly updated operating expenses guidance to $2.5 billion.

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