Leaked Photo of iPhone 5 Back Cover Was Taken With an iPhone 5!?

A recently leaked photo of the supposed iPhone 5 back cover may have actually been taken by an iPhone 5, according to some photoshop gurus at iFans.

While this isn’t a completely conclusive photo, we do believe that the camera used to take the photo was a working, prototype iPhone 5. Whether by accident or not, the photo was posted on Sina (the Chinese version of Twitter), and was picked up from there. Nobody else seemed to notice the reflection on the backplate, except for a few of our commenters (I didn’t notice it myself when I posted on it). This type of faking would take a lot of skill, time, and precision; more, I would think, than a prank would be worth.

You can check out the enhanced reflection below or hit the link for even more analysis images.

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