Master the art of cable management

Cables are far more than what the usual predictions about them were used to be. Most of the people think that the cables are merely a cord to plug and play. With the developed Ethernet standards and manufacturing, there has been steep improve in quality and reliability. However, cabling needs some care and attention to be stable and durable. Take a look at top 7 cabling tips that will help you to master the cable management.


What are the Top 5 Features of iOS 8 ?

1. Third-party keyboards:

One of the main iOS 8 features that Apple introduced at WWDC 2014 is support for third-party keyboards, a type of application many iOS users have been waiting for. While some keyboard app developers including Swype, Fleksy, SwiftKey and Adaptxt have already confirmed plans to launch such apps in the future, TouchPal has gone ahead and released a video of its own keyboard app for iOS 8.

2. iPhone and Mac always work hand in hand: iPhone, iPad and Mac are always connected.

Apple is set to bring Mac OS X and iOS closer than ever with a brand new set of features called Continuity. But what is Continuity? And what will you be able to do using Continuity for iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite? This article looks at what new features Continuity will bring to the Mac, iPhone and iPad this autumn.

Continuity is an umbrella term Apple is using for a stunning range of new features that bring the iOS and Mac OS X devices closer than ever before. With Continuity, you will be able to seamlessly shift between Mac OS X and iOS devices, picking up on one device right where you left off on the other.Continuity is a classic Apple feature that integrates your hardware and software devices closer than ever before.

There are four main parts of Continuity: Handoff, Phone Calls, SMS Text Messaging and Wi-Fi Sharing.

3. iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive allows users to store all of their individual files from OS X and iOS in addition to data from applications on Apple’s cloud storage service, with the feature syncing all files across every Mac. The files stored on iCloud Drive are even available on a user’s iOS devices, as the feature also contains support for Windows through the iCloud client. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s new Mail Drop feature bypasses traditional email attachment size limits allows users to send attachments up to 5GB through iCloud. The system is seamless for Mail users, while users on other platforms will receive a links via email to allow them to download the files. 

4. Health Kit

The Health app keeps track of several different health metrics measured by various devices, including heart rate, calories, cholesterol, and more. It also features an “emergency card” that includes all of a user’s important health information, including blood type and allergies, which can be displayed directly on the lock screen of an iOS device. 

5. Touch ID for Apps

Developers will also be able to access Touch ID for the first time to protect sensitive apps. Fingerprint data will be kept separate, but authentication will automatically unlock passwords stored in keychain to grant user access to apps. Now we will be able to see apps that support the Touch ID!

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Tutorial : How to Download & Install iOS 8 FREE without Developer account on iPhone iPad [Video]

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are against installing iOS 8 beta 1 on devices that aren’t registered with an Apple developer account. We will also remind iOS users that following this procedure will void your warranty and could cause serious problems on your device. Lastly, iOS 8 is currently a very early beta that is riddled with bugs, and it has a wide range of compatibility issues that will cause many apps to crash.

Follow these directions to install iOS 8 on your device!

1. Download the iOS 8 beta file for your specific iPhone or iPad model (To determine the proper download for your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5, click here. For your iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad (4th generation), click here). Developers will find the files they need on Apple’s website while other interested parties can check out IMZDL for their iOS 8 beta files. Continue…

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Best Installous Alternatives 2013

Disclaimer : don’t encourage users or recommend them to use Installous app downloader or any of its alternatives to install .Deb & .IPA files on iOS devices. hold no responsibility for your usage of these apps or we are not affliated with any developer mentioned in the post. This post is to provide you a detailed information about the updated content on the Internet. There are many developers who are putting their efforts to build or create iOS Apps for Apple iTunes Store. So we recommend you to pay a couple of bucks or dollars and buy the genuine apps instead of piracy-related apps.

#1: AppCake

AppCake is one of the best Installous alternative. While the basic functioning is same, the major difference is that AppCake is only restricted to iOS devices that have been jailbroken. For those users who haven’t jailbroken, this app cannot be used.

Cydia -> Sources -> Manage -> Edit -> Add –

App Cake Installous alternative

#2: Zeusmos

Using this, it is possible to have paid apps without any cost. The beauty of this app lies in its functionality. By using this, users wouldn’t even have to jailbreak their devices. This gives this app an edge, since it is one of the few ones around that is offering such flexibility of usage for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Cydia -> Sources -> Manage -> Edit -> Add –

Zeusmos best Installous alternative

#3: vShare

vShare is one of the best cydia tweaks that is same as Installous. There is a difference between using vShare and Installous when the interface UI & several variations are considered. It is formerly known as AppVV and a common resource was used by the’s Installous too. AppSync on Cydia is required to make vShare app to work i.e., installation of “” repository is needed.

Cydia -> Sources -> Manage -> Edit -> Add –

vShare or AppVV

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How To Change The Dock Indicator Light In Mac OS X

Change the Color of the Dock Indicator Lights in OS X with MacUtil

We’ll cover the quick method first, using a free third party tweak utility called MacUtil. If you’d rather do it manually on your own, or use different colors than what are offered by MacUtil, jump below for the manual approach:

After extracting MacUtil, open it and click on the button next to “Change Indicator Light Color for Open Applications”

  • Enter the administrator password to authenticate the changes
  • Select the color you wish to change

By making these steps, you will be able to change your default color of your dock indicator light to any color you want like (Green, Light, Yellow and etc…)

If you’re simply aiming to make the indicator lights more obvious, “Vivid” is the obvious choice, which essentially brightens up the default option, making it a bit more obvious which apps are active and which aren’t.
Whatever color you choose, changes are made instantly and they take effect quickly, so there is little harm to trying a few and seeing which you like best.
Here is “Vivid”, which makes it much easier to see:
And that’s what the yellow color will looks like and that’s the one I prefer:
While in case you don’t know how to use the app, I’ve made a little steps on how to change the dock indicator color in Mac OS X manually which means you will have to change some things and add some codes:
    • From the Finder, use Command+Shift+G and to summon Go To Folder and enter the following path:
  • Use the “Folder Search” feature in the upper right corner, narrow the search down to only the “Resources” folder, and and look for “indicator_”
    • Select all and make a copy of these files to a folder on the desktop called “Indicator Backup” – this is so that you can easily revert back to defaults should you decide your replacement indicators are unpleasant
    • Modify or replace the Resources/ directory contents to change the indicators, focus on the following files:
    • Go to the Terminal and kill the Dock to refresh it for changes to take effect
killall Dock
  • Enjoy your new Dock indicator icons
For what it’s worth, the “@2x” suffix indicates whether the image file is sized for retina displays or not, and if you don’t have a retina-equipped Mac then you don’t really need to replace those for the changes to take effect.
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List of Country codes used by Apple devices

Here is the list of country codes used by Apple devices.

MB123XX/A or MC123XX/A is the device code and XX is the regional identifier (or however it is called).

This code you can find in this list:
AB Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
B Ireland, UK, also used for some replacement phones
C Canada
CZ Czech Republic
DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E Mexico
EE Estonia
FB France, Luxembourg
FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
GR Greece
HN India
IP Italy
J Japan
KN Norway
KS Finland, Sweden
LA Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru
LE Argentina
LZ Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
MG Hungary
NF Belgium, France, Luxembourg
PL Poland
PO Portugal
PP Philippines
RO Romania
RS Russia
SL Slovakia
SO South Africa
T Italy
TA Taiwan
TU Turkey
X Australia, New Zealand
Y Spain
ZA Singapore
ZP Hong Kong, Macau

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