How to: Turn your iPad 3G Into An iPhone! [Video]

An iPad (Wi-Fi +3G) has apparently been hacked to make phone calls and SMS messages. While we’re not sure about the legitimacy of this claim, a relatively low-quality YouTube video demonstrates the hack in action, and it appears to work.

The hack has reportedly been achieved by iPhoneIslam, the same group who brought FaceTime to the Middle East. As you can see in the video below, a brand new hack – called PhoneItiPad – appears to add a working Phone and Messages application to the iPad 3G.

Don’t get too excited, because the hack isn’t available in Cydia yet. However, according to the group, it will be able to purchase in the Cydia Store “very soon” (before WWDC).


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Skype Video Chat Porting to iPhone and iPod Touch

Skype is preparing for a big surprise for iPhone and iPod touch users, according to Engadet, it appears that a new update is coming to Skype which allows the iPhone and iPod touch users to make a video chat with all Skype users even they were using a Skype desktop version.

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Accessory Transceiver to Make Calls with iPod touch and iPad

A new and interesting Apple patent appeared between 27 Apple patent applications published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to the patent, Apple is working on an external transceiver that would turn an iPod touch, iPad or any mobile device into a real cellular phone. The patent, called “Accessory Transceiver for Mobile Devices,” was noticed by PatentlyApple today. Continue…

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