List of Country codes used by Apple devices

Here is the list of country codes used by Apple devices.

MB123XX/A or MC123XX/A is the device code and XX is the regional identifier (or however it is called).

This code you can find in this list:
AB Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
B Ireland, UK, also used for some replacement phones
C Canada
CZ Czech Republic
DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E Mexico
EE Estonia
FB France, Luxembourg
FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
GR Greece
HN India
IP Italy
J Japan
KN Norway
KS Finland, Sweden
LA Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru
LE Argentina
LZ Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
MG Hungary
NF Belgium, France, Luxembourg
PL Poland
PO Portugal
PP Philippines
RO Romania
RS Russia
SL Slovakia
SO South Africa
T Italy
TA Taiwan
TU Turkey
X Australia, New Zealand
Y Spain
ZA Singapore
ZP Hong Kong, Macau

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