GarageSale HD for iPad (Review)

GarageSale for iPad developed by iwascoding is an app that lets you manage your eBay auctions on iPad.

The app lets you create professional auctions listings on your iPad itself, and it’s very easy to use. Once the app is authorized by eBay, you’re ready to go. It’s super easy to create an auction and you the customization is just amazing. The finished listing look great and professional, just like the ones you create on GarageSale for mac. I’d say the app is worth the price and would recommend it for all the iPad users.

GarageSale HD lets you create, edit, track, and manage all your eBay auctions directly on your iPad.

GarageSale’s Main Features:

– Supports 16 different eBay sites including, eBay Motors US,, and
– Includes 10 professional auction designs
– Offers free hosting for your auction images, thus saving your eBay’s image hosting fees (has be to activated in application preferences).
– Lets you add existing images to your auction or take new snapshots directly from within the application
– Automatically downloads category and attribute data updates from eBay as they are released
– Displays previews of your auction before uploading them to eBay
– Retrieves and displays real-time fee information from eBay
– Shares prepared auction with GarageSale for Mac using Bonjour sharing
– Saves prepared auctions for later refinement




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Review, Byte Squared Office2 HD

Office2 HD by byte squared aims at managing word, excel and PowerPoint presentations in your iPad. First off all, we shouldn’t compare this app with the real office applications in our laptop or desktops, ALL of these apps have serious limitations compared to the native Office applications on our laptops. These apps are build mainly for lite editing and viewing documents on the go, and I would never recommend it for creating a great presentation.

This app has a simple UI, which you’ll get used to in a few minutes, and even though some may like it, I’m not by pleased with it. The UI is very similar to the native iOS user interface and I would have been happier if they were a bit more creative.

The editing and viewing is really simple, it renders most of the files well, and editing is just easy. It has a very useful toolbar at the top that allows me to quickly change formatting, and you can import photos and other content into the documents.

Importing and exporting files is excellent with cloud support (most of the major cloud services), it also supports editing files on the cloud.

It may not be the best app for documents, but still, there’s the $8 price tag (compared to Pages’s $10 cost). But even that price comparison is deceptive, since Office 2 HD actually combines not just a word processor, but also a spreadsheet editor, and a presentation editor, too. So this app is really worth your money.

You can download this app for 7.99$.




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RetinaPad – iPhone Apps In HD On Your iPad

RetinaPad is a new jailbreak tweak that displays Retina-optimized iPhone apps in HD, when viewed on an iPad in “compatibility mode.” Currently, the tweak is available for $2.99 in the Cydia Store.

RetinaPad is a great new tweak that effectively zooms up the resolution of Retina-ready iPhone-only apps when displayed on an iPad. The apps doesnt seem to be as fuzzy as before. Have a look at the screenshots.

RetinaPad is available in Cydia Store at $2.99 via BigBoss repository. Continue…

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Enjoy The Entire VEVO Catalog On Your iPad

The popular music video website, VEVO, has recently launched an iPad app. VEVO HD, which is available for free in the App Store, allows users to access VEVO’s entire library on the go.

VEVO HD features 25,000 music videos from 7,500 artists. Users of the application can search for music videos within the app, or glance at the “most viewed” video selections. Videos can easily be added to playlists. Additionally, a “music map” allows users of the app to discover what nearby VEVO fans are watching.


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Angry Birds HD for iPad has been updated, Game Center support and 15 new levels

Angry Birds HD for iPad has been updated with Game Center support, 15 new levels, and more.

Features 210 levels, leaderboards, achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration, and lots and lots of Angry Birds!

What’s New In This Version:



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How to : Enables Widescreen (720p) Photos on the iPod Touch 4G using HD Photographer

This tweak enables widescreen photos in the built-in on the iPhone Touch 4G. It effectively adds more megapixels to the resulting photos, at the cost of losing the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio.

Because of that, this tweak also adds a button to the that toggles the tweak in case you would like to retain the original ratio. There are no icons installed for this item, and no settings to configure.

HD Photographer is available for $0.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo. Continue…

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