Walmart Slashes Price of the iPhone 5 to $129, iPhone 4S to $39

Starting today, Walmart is aggressively slashing the price of the iPhone 5 to $129 and the iPhone 4S to just $39, reports Mashable.

The retail price of the iPhone 5 is $199 and the retail price of the iPhone 4S is $99. To get the new pricing, customers will be required to sign a new two year contract with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint.

Notably, Walmart is saying that this is not a limited time promotion.

We asked Walmart if the new pricing is temporary and were told that no, this is in fact the permanent price of the items. The new price is only available in Walmart stores and is not available online.

Historically Apple has limited the degree to which retailers can drop prices on their products, says the report. Although small price drops around $10 have been common, cutting the price by 30% for the iPhone 5 and nearly 70% for the iPhone 4S is unprecedented.

It’s thought that Apple may be allowing the lower pricing to better compete with the fresh new devices that its competitors will be selling this summer; or perhaps it’s looking to clear out some iPhone 5 inventory before the iPhone 5S arrives.

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AT&T Drops Price of 64GB iPad 3G By $300

AT&T has dropped the price of the 64GB iPad 3G by $300 bringing it down to $529. The 16GB iPad 3G has also been discounted to $429. The 32GB model is currently listed as sold out.

BGR notes that these are online prices only and inventory may be low. If you were considering the purchase of a first generation iPad you may want to snap one up now.

64GB16GB[via BGR] Continue…

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Verizon iPhone 4 Will Cost $50 More Than AT&T iPhone 4

The Verizon iPhone 4 will cost $50 more than the AT&T iPhone 4 when purchased off contract, according to a 9to5Mac report.

AT&T allows customers to purchase the 16 GB iPhone 4 for $599 sans the contract and charges $699 for the contract-free 32 GB model. On the other hand, Verizon charges $649 and $749 for the two models, respectively.

It’s unclear if this difference is due to the CDMA hardware or just a premium for the new device. Continue…

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Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB Price dropped to $49

Apple is now selling the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49 with a two year AT&T contract.

iPhone 3GS. More to love. Less to pay.
Keep applications open in the background. Organize your apps with folders. Shop for books in the iBookstore. The 8GB iPhone 3GS takes advantage of all the great features of iOS 4. And it starts at an amazing new price — just $49.

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Google Nexus S listed for Rs. 24000 at Infibeam

Popular online retail site Infibeam has listed the recently announced Google Nexus S device for Rs. 24,000. It’s the same company that gave India the Kindle alternative – Infibeam Pi reader. Even though it has been listed, there was no mention of a launch or availability date on the Infibeam website. The price at Infibeam beats eBay India’s price of Rs. 29890.  Unlocked Google Nexus S is also being sold for $529 (Rs. 23, 850) in the US via Best Buy website, which is accessible only via US or UK listed Internet Protocol addresses. For the Indian buyers, if you can’t wait, just go for the item listed in eBay India, or if you willing to wait a bit longer, Infibeam has the best price for you! Continue…

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iPhone 4 at Lowest Price Ever by Sams Club

Sams Club is offering the iPhone 4 for $147 with a 2 year contract, the lowest price we’ve seen yet. The Sams Club discount is being offered until Christmas day and also applies to the iPhone 3GS, bringing its price down to $47. The previous lowest price was by Radio Shack’s; at $149 price for the 16GB iPhone 4, which just got undercut by a whole two bucks!

This offer will run all the way until Christmas day, so if you have to have the cheapest possible fourth-gen iPhone, this’ll probably be it. The 3GS is also up for grabs at a thrifty $47, emulating its younger sibling’s $52 price cut. Continue…

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